Friday, May 6, 2011


LONG TIME NO SEE, how do you do, Im doing some observation lately on tennis blog especially on women side. why, haha it is because of a girl call Goerges has made into tennis radar. Honestly i thinks it is because she beat current world number twice in fortnight. just imagine the reception if the world number one is Williams or Clijsters, how big she would be..............but still she got the attention even though it just Wozniacki's the holder.

never mind what i'm gonna say it not about her achievement because people has talk about much, people do hail her so much. some has assume as a fav at RG and some said she is future number one.

no i not said that she can't win one or can' be on the top, she would if she capable. if i'm not mistaken people had said almost the same thing to Wozzy but then they keep slammed her because her failure. i wonder if someday she be the world number one and still slamless would she receive the same fate like Safina, JJ and Wozzy. Let pray that would not happen to her. i mean praying the best for her, not something like slamless or failure as a top player.

Indeed i'm prefer player like Kuznetsova never been on top but won 2 Slam titles, still behind the radar, but i'm sure she not bother by that. Whatever it is she still a multiple slam champion and more likely to be inducted to Hall Of Fame. People can say anything but it doe not change the fact and the fate of a tennis player.

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